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Festa Italiana
Milwaukee, Wis., Friday, July 16, 2010
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Three nights with Dennis Tufano and Sonny Geraci. These are photos from the Friday show. Photos © T. and C. Hodson.

"If a tinker were my trade, Would you still find me,
Carryin’ the pots I made, Followin’ behind me?"


"This is for all the girls named....Susan!"


"The line forms on the right babe!"


"Kind of a Drag...."


"...when your baby don't love you!"


After Dennis was given a rousing standing ovation, Sonny Geraci
came onstage and sang several of his terrific hits.
One of many favorites includes the Beatles' "That Boy!"


He talked about growing up in Cleveland, doo wop music,
singing on the street corners, and then he sang "So in Love"


A special treat, and one we hadn't heard Sonny sing before,
was a great version of "The Way You Look Tonight!"


Dennis rejoined Sonny for a fun version of "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy."


My baby when she walks by
All the fellows go, oooooooh, and I know why
It's simply 'cause that girl she looks so fine
And if she ever leaves me
I would lose my mind


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