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Frontier Days
Arlington Heights, Ill., July 4, 2010
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The Chicago Gold Revue (Dennis Tufano, The Cryan Shames, Sonny Geraci, Jimy Sohns and Jimy Rogers) perform at Frontier Days on July 4th!.

Jimy Sohns, The Shadows of the Knight.





Jimy dubbed Dennis Tufano "the most famous harmonica player" as Dennis filled in on "Got My Mojo Working!"


"I'm going down to Louisiana to get me a mojo hand
I'm gonna have all you women right here at my command."


Guitarist Michael Gotshall and Jimy Sohns..


"I got a gypsy woman giving me advice
I got a gypsy woman giving me advice
She got some red hot tips I'm keepin' them on ice."


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