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"As Long As I'm Singing The Music of Bobby Darin," by Joe Pesole
The Raue Center for the Arts, Crystal Lake, Ill.
September 18, 2010

If last night was any indication, the town of Crystal Lake, Ill., will one day name a street after Dennis Tufano, or in the least, elect the former Buckingham star Mayor of Crystal Lake. Such was the audience's reaction to "As Long As I'm Singing."

The couples that sat to the left and right of me both cheered loudly and often. In fact these folks were also on the Raue's advisory staff, and remarked they would like to see the show again next year. So, don't be surprised if Dennis Tufano becomes a fixture in Crystal Lake.

The legendary Dick Clark once called Bobby Darin the most talented entertainer he had ever seen. Well, in my opinion, after Mr. Clark sees this show, he'll make Dennis a close second.

Dennis commanded the stage and transported 500+ fans to Las Vegas, Nevada. All of a sudden we were sitting in the old Flamingo Hotel and it was 1972 again. One thing I know for sure, this might have been my first "Darin" show, but it won't be my last. Pencil me in for the next 10 or 15 shows. I'M HOOKED MAN!

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