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Chat on Official Dennis Tufano Facebook Page
April 21, 2014

This may not be in the correct order, but attempts were made to put responses with questions. Enjoy!

Dennis Tufano: Good evening and welcome to my first cyber-chat!!!! Let the fun begin!!!!! Hello!

Pamela Dixon: hello!

Cathy Hodson: Hi Dennis! What other songs did you consider for your Bobby Darin show?

Dennis Tufano: Cathy I started with 125 songs from Bobby's catalog. So many to mention. You'd be so nice to come home to is being added.

Judi Willinson: We r here for u

Pamela Marshall: Hi Dennis and friends! Question: how can we as fans help with booking local appearances? I see a zillion "when are you coming to ..."

Dennis Tufano: Pam thanks, If there is a venue that you think I should be at let them know you would like to see me there. There seems to be the misconception that we as artists get to pick venues but they HIRE us so they need a reason.

Mingo Kidd: Who taught you how to play the harp?

Dennis Tufano: I learned harmonica in high school and listened to all the blues cats in Chicago.


Terri Hogeland: Dennis. Do you have pre-performance rituals /jitters?

Dennis Tufano: Terri, yes. I like to have 10 minutes to play the show in my head and warm up my voice and then hang with the band prior to going on stage. I love joking and getting relaxed with the band.


Gayle Chenier: Hello.

Pamela Dixon: Hi Gayle!

Dennis Tufano: hello Gayle! thanks for joining us tonight


Gary DeCarlo: hey

Dennis Tufano: hey!

Phyllis Spizzirri: Hi Gary I just saw you are here too.


Dave Kocisko: Hello Pizon! What is your FAVORITE song to sing?

Dennis Tufano: I have many Dave. But My funny Valentine is always a winner. Mack The Knife is a wild ride to take too. But singing my hits and seeing the audience reaction to the memories makes them my special priority.

Mitch Schecter: Dennis....you are singing better than ever! The records are timeless....and you sing them like they are brand new. I am a fan, and proud to call you a friend.


Phyllis Spizzirri: Hello Dennis ,Hope you are doing well

Cindy Smith Mossing: Cyber chatting now...well hello!

Lisa Palombi: Good!

Linda Greenwell: Hello, Looking forward to answers to the great questions above!

Dennis Tufano: Hello Linda! thanks for joining us here!


Mick Mansueto: Hey Gary

Mitch Schecter: Hey Mick...Hey Gary!

Gary DeCarlo: hey you guys


Mick Mansueto: Hey Dennis, what is your favorite song to perform?

Dennis Tufano: Mick, 123 red light comes to mind...

Mick Mansueto: Your the best pal.


Pamela Marshall: We've seen questions about what songs we would like to hear you do, but what are your favorites and what songs would you like to perform that you haven't added to your shows yet?


Gary DeCarlo: Dennis, what have got comin up?

Dennis Tufano: Gary my next gig is Cleveland TN May 30

Gary DeCarlo: do you have your own band or work with the house band?


Shelley Sweet-Tufano: Do you have a fave stage memory?

Dennis Tufano: Most live shows were memorable to me. Singing with Olivia Newton John for 3 months on tour was great.


Mitch Schecter: Hi Dennis.....we're looking forward to seeing you in Ohio this summer! Can we expect any surprises in your setlist there?

Dennis Tufano: Mitch I'm going to do my RipChords tribute set.

Mitch Schecter: LOL!!! Awesome! So, we can keep "Don't You Care" in our set then! I'm excited! We 'll have a great time there! Can't wait!

Dennis Tufano: I'm hoping to add a few new tunes to the set. I'd like to hear your DYC !!

Mitch Schecter: I wish we could do that song! But nobody in our band can sing it like you, so I just enjoy playing it at home on my acoustic, and imagine you singing along! Now,that would be a blast! I'll have to bring my acoustic,and maybe we can all do some hotel room jamming in Ohio!

Dennis Tufano: Looking forward to working with you kids soon.

Mitch Schecter: We can't wait!

Susan Kelley: Hello Dennis

Susan Kelley: Trying to get the hang of this

Dennis Tufano: me too


Jeana Sobolow Massimino: I've had a crush on you almost my entire life! Shhhhh it's a secret.


Angela Marie Ventrice: Hi Dennis!

Angela Marie Ventrice: So, I commented earlier on your page about Olivia Newton John doing a Vegas Show - what do you think about reuniting for a "Suddenly" Performance again?

Dennis Tufano: Angela, That would be very cool as Olivia and I had a great time on her tour. It's been a long time since. I would do it in a heartbeat.

Lisa Palombi: Somebody call Olivia in Vegas and set up that reunion!

Dennis Tufano: Suddenly?

Lisa Palombi: Of course Suddenly... you sing it better than Cliff

Dennis Tufano: Lisa, I'm looking into contacting Olivia to see if it's possible.

Angela Marie Ventrice: Yes!

Cathy Hodson: Kewl!


Nancy DiNardo: Dennis, would you be interested in performing on a music cruise? (I suggested you for the one I recently was on. Would have been great to have you on it!)

Pamela Marshall: Love that idea!


Mingo Kidd: What was it like writing songs with Bernie Taupin?

Dennis Tufano: Mingo, working with Mr. Taupin was a gas. He is a true Rock Poet. My work with him was inspired. He's a fun guy with a ton of musical knowledge. When we met he showed me he had my KIND OF A DRAG album in his collection. Definately a highlight.


Frank Jeckell: You are far and away one of the best blues harp players in the business. Do you give blues harp lessons?

Dennis Tufano: Frank thanks I've never thought about teaching but it sure is a fun instrument.

Frank Jeckell: Actually I was thinking about some between set backstage tips. Really looking forward to working with you in NJ on July 4th. We are going to have an absolutely fantastic show.

Rae Kirk Antonin: Can't wait!!!!


Paul Kosmala: What was it like to kiss Olivia Newton John?

Dennis Tufano: Paul, Olivia was a great partner to sing with. she is one of the most pro performers out there and we had fun. so the answer is oh yeah! We kissed every night in front of thousands of people but it was ACTING and very respectful. And I dug it!


Dick Coughlin: Hi Label Mate, how you doing?

Dennis Tufano: USA Dick!! fine bro howz by you?


Gayle Chenier: Who were your favorite artists then and now?

Dennis Tufano: My fave artists all Motown, Beatles, Every Bros Righteous Bros. Elvis, Sinatra , Tony Bennet, and Bobby Darin.Now is a little different as there are so many new bands and singers I'm still getting to know most new acts.

Jana Eisenberg: hey - you forgot someone!!

Shelley Sweet-Tufano: Who Jana??? hahahaha


Christina Combs: Have you ever performed in Virginia


Gary DeCarlo: where are you gonna perform next?

Dennis Tufano: Gary my next gig is Cleveland TN May 30


Dick Coughlin: Hey Dennis, this one will stretch your mind. Back in 1969 when I was still on the road, The Buckinghams played at my senior party for Arthur Hill High School in Saginaw Michigan. I was there but don't remember if you were still with the band at that time?

Gary DeCarlo: Dennis how was the show in CA?


Rae Kirk Antonin: Your voice is incredible my friend!! Are you working on anything ?

Dennis Tufano: always working on something! what would you like me to work on?

Rae Kirk Antonin: The list is to long for me to pick one! HA! Have to think about it!!

Dennis Tufano: Rae, thank you I am working on typing into this chat. Reworking my Boby Darin Show into more of a Dennis Tufano show including Darin and other tunes even my compositions from the 70;s

Rae Kirk Antonin: Fantastic Idea my friend!! your compositions would truly be icing on the cake!! Love it!!!!



Dennis Tufano: Sorry for delay I'm caught in a scrolling frenzy!!!


Linda Greenwell: You are doing great keeping up with this and answering the questions.

Christina Combs: Hi Dennis

Nancy DiNardo: Hello, and thanks for doing a live chat!

Dennis Tufano: Hello Nancy trying to keep up with this...i am very new to this


Mingo Kidd: What's your favorite Chicago restaurant?


Cindy Smith Mossing: If you hadn't gotten into the entertainment field what other career choice would you have made


Mickey Saxe: Hows your health?

Dennis Tufano: Excellent! Thanks for asking Mickey Saxe

Dennis Tufano: Mickey thanks for asking I'm feeling very good. getting excited to get out there and sing!


Shelley Sweet-Tufano: After this 'learning curve', do you think you will try this chat again?

Jamela Billiter: I need to Shelley Sweet-Tufano!


Ginny Teister Morton: Good to have made it here. Dennis, do you have to search for musicians to play in the band when you book a Bobby Darin show? Or do you use a contact person to work for you, to get a set of musicians together.

Dennis Tufano: Ginny I use the best players available. Try to use the same good guys when I can. but there are so many good players around the country that it's easy to find good backing.


Angela Marie Ventrice: Not a question but a comment, so watched every video posted from your early years to now and have to say that I think as you've matured you voice sounds even better and you seem to really love what you do it shows! Enjoyed all your performances.

Paul Kosmala: Are you ever going to come to Topeka, Kansas? Many Chicago guys live here now.

Dennis Tufano: Would love to go to Topeka! but that is up to you 60s music lovers! Call your venue and request Dennis Tufano

Dennis Tufano: Yes, Paul I'm looking at all venues but it seems there are so many bands and not enough venues.


Marilyn Hill: Hi Dennis, will you ever play in Rockford, Il.

Dennis Tufano: Marilyn I'm hoping to get back to the mid west as often as I can.

Cathy Hodson: Where in Rockford would you want to see him perform, Marilyn?

Dennis Tufano: If you know venues contact them too and let them know there's a demand for my show.

Dennis Tufano: when you list a venue in your area I will get in touch with them and follow up. I love to perform so I'm into bugging them.

Marilyn Hill: Metro Centre

Cathy Hodson: The Metro Centre is controlled by one of the banks, if I recall correctly. I think the Coronado Theatre, whic is controlled by the same bank, would be a great venu also. both are downtown. Marilyn, do you know which bank it is?

Cathy Hodson: The Metro Centre is now the BMO Harris Bank Centre: http://thebmoharrisbankcenter.com/

Cathy Hodson: The coronado Theatre is here: http://www.coronadopac.org


Nancy DiNardo: Dennis, in '08, what number(s) did you perform for a PBS documentary called Chicago Music Hall Therapy Tuesday (or called 'My generation, the 60s'?) ? Thx!

Dennis Tufano: Nancy I did the PBS DVD My Generation the 60's for PBS. I produced and directed and shot a documentary in Chicago called Major Hall, therapy Tuesday soon to be released.

Nancy DiNardo: Thanks for clarifying. Will look for one, & look forward to the other!


Lisa Palombi: You did some acting, why not pursue that further?


Jamela Billiter: I hope to see you this summer.

Dennis Tufano: would love to work in your area! Call your local venues

Shelley Sweet-Tufano: Jamela, come up to Schenectady and stay with us!


Judi Willinson: How is Sonny Geraci doing?


Jim McCandless: at any time in your career, have you ever wished you just had a 9 to 5 job like the rest of us? lol


Nancy Grosch: Q#1-What are your favorite Buckinghams songs? Q#2- What are your favorite Bobby Darin Songs? Q#3- And do you ever keep in touch with any of the other band members of the Buckinghams? Q#4- How do you unwind after doing a show?


Jeana Sobolow Massimino: What is your favorite song that you sing?


Nancy Holley Kitchens: I think Noah's Ark in Locust Grove, Ga needs to do another benefit concert and bring you back to Georgia. I'm going to contact them! You're the best!


Gary DeCarlo: ok, a guy walks into a bar with a monkey on his back

Frank Jeckell: OK Gary, what's the punchline?

Dennis Tufano: HA!

Dennis Tufano: Gary, that would be Dave Zane!!!!


Jim McCandless: Howdy


Deborah Devney: What's the latest, and what are your plans for the near future? musically, that is.

Dennis Tufano: Miss Devney I plan to cover this country with my music and have a ball thanks to you and everyone that supports me.


Mick Mansueto: how did you like performing in the Philippines?


Steve Guettler: Hey Dennis, looking forward to seeing you in Cleveland next month!


Frank Jeckell: What artist or artists did you find most fascinating to meet in the business?


Shelley Sweet-Tufano: Hey Sirius is "Playing Our Song" er....YOUR song


Mickey Saxe: To the King of Class. Will you ever start ending your shows with Communicate?


Frank Jeckell: Early on did you play any other instruments besides blues harp? (Not that you needed to with that fabulous voice of yours!)


Jeana Sobolow Massimino: Why are you not at Epcot this summer for the oldies band concert each week. Your not in the lineup.


Pamela Marshall: Dennis, what's the worst venue you've played and why?


Ginny Teister Morton: Another question. If a place is interested in hiring you to do a show, what contact info. can we give them to speak with you to set it up?


Jeana Sobolow Massimino: When are you coming to Orlando? I'm dying to see you.


Kyle Vincent: Hey boss, Question 1: how did you avoid all the crazy stuff of the 60s and 70s and survive to sing better than ever? Question 2: How much input did you get on the production of the hit records?

Dennis Tufano: Kyle, I didn't AVOID too much crazy stuff but I did know when to stop! I've always been beholding to my vocal gift and tried to take care of it. I have a voice coach I got to once in a while to tune up. We did the best we could to get input into our records. but ultimately it's always in the hands of the producer when you leave the studio.

Kyle Vincent: Thanks.

Gary DeCarlo: good questions Kyle


Tom Usciak: Dennis, Is there ever a chance you will reunite with Nick and Carl for a few concerts. Hopefully one on the Northeast??

Gary DeCarlo: How's your album doin Dennis, any thoughts on doin something more in a top forty vein?

Terri Hogeland: Dennis..what do you have in your cd player/or ipod now?

Dennis Tufano: Mick, I was 19 yrs old.

Shelley Sweet-Tufano: So Dennis if you were not here now, what would you be doing?

Marilyn Hill: Dennis, do you ever speak with Carl Giammarese


Nancy Grosch: Will you be singing at any of the summer festivals in Chicago this year

Dennis Tufano: many people ask when i am performing somewhere. I perform when they call my agent. so call your local venue

Judi Willinson: Would u ever come back to central Illinois. I first saw u n Pontiac, IL in 1967.

Shelley Sweet-Tufano: Good Evening!

Jana Eisenberg: shelley - does mike know you are single? this could become a different kind of chat


Cathy Hodson: Who would you like to work with, dream duet or collaboration?

Paul Kosmala: What about Olivia?

Dennis Tufano: Cathy, KD LANG is a great singer and I resonate with her tonal quality. Olivia and I already have the tunes.The long list would take some time. Tony Bennet, Darryl Hall,

Frank Jeckell: Hey Dennis, how old were you when you had your first hit?

Dennis Tufano: Frank same answer 19 yr old 1st hit in Chicago, "I'll Go Crazy"


Nancy Grosch: Hi Dennis, Terri Hogeland already asked the question I was going to ask; How to you handle any pre-performance jitters, does it ever get hard sometimes? The reason I ask is because if I had to be in front of so many people, I would be panic-stricken.

Dennis Tufano: Nancy, I don't get the jitters I just get in touch with the adrenalin that builds up. I'm most comfortable on stage, always was. You see the people in front of me are giving me the energy so I welcome them.


Gary DeCarlo: hey Dennis I hope I get to see you soon, and perform together again, best of luck my friend

Nancy Grosch: Hi Dennis,

Dennis Tufano: hi Nancy!

Nancy Grosch: Thanks for doing the cyber-chat

Dennis Tufano: Nancy it's quite a ride. thanks for being here.


Dennis Tufano: Any last questions before we cruise???

Jim McCandless: do you do chubby clementine in your darin shows?

Dennis Tufano: It is in the set list!

Joanne Danzi Sensendorf: Hi Dennis I hope you will do another one of these this if fun

Christina Combs: How long is this cyber chat suppose to last ?

Carolyn Ford Everett: Hi

Dennis Tufano: Hi!

Dennis Tufano: Pam says Carolyn isn't your real name...Georgia peach????

Carolyn Ford Everett: Awww - and her real name is Spammy!

Carolyn Ford Everett: She's a good gal!


Mingo Kidd: Dennis Tufano Rocks!!!

Dennis Tufano: Wow this was fun! thank you all for hanging with us on this new thang. I promise to get my answers filled out next time.

Barbara Bryan Garmany: It's been fun. Hope to see you in concert this summer.

Barbara Bryan Garmany: Hi Dennis. TY for doing this for the fans.

Lisa Palombi: Thanks for being here tonight DT xo

Dennis Tufano: Let us know if you had fun here tonight...we may do another soon

Dennis Tufano: and please invite your friends to my page

Dennis Tufano: i would really appreciate your help in calling our local venues for appearances

Dennis Tufano: anything I didn't get to please post them on the page and I will be happy to fill in the blanks.



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