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Festa Italiana
Milwaukee, Wis., Friday, July 16, 2010

Three nights with Dennis Tufano and Sonny Geraci.
These are photos from the Friday show. The weather was
hot on Friday, but there was a breeze, and the temps cooled as the night went on.
Photos © T. and C. Hodson.

The Miller Oasis stage hosted Dennis Tufano and Sonny Geraci. Dennis said "Sonny Geraci & Dennis" (see sign above) was a ventriloquist act, and "Tufano" was a heavy metal band that would be performing later!


Dennis starts off the night with crowd favorite "Don't You Care?"


Then follows it with "Hey Baby! They're Playing Our Song!"


"It made us feel so groovy,
We fell in love, just like in the movies..."


Dennis spoke of being inspired by The Rascals, and sang a beautiful version of their hit, "How Can I Be Sure?"


"Lawdy Lawdy Miss Clawdy," is a song Dennis said he hadn't
sung for 40 years. He thanked legendary
Chicago DJ Dick Biondi for helping to make it a hit.


Dennis brings out his blues harp for an amazing version of
"Funny What Love Can Do"


"You know I'm in love with you honey,
Funny what love can do!"


Out comes the acoustic guitar for
Bobby Darin's "If I Were a Carpenter"


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