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Festa Italiana Photos
Milwaukee, Wis., July 17, 2009

Four nights of The Cryan Shames with special guest stars Dennis Tufano, Sonny Geraci and Jimy Sohns. These are photos from the Friday and Saturday shows.
Photos © Tim Hodson.

Tom ("Toad") Doody, lead singer of The Cryan Shames.


"If I Needed Someone"


Dave Zane sitting in for Jeff Rutter of The Cryan Shames.


Gregg Brucker, Cryan Shames, on bass.


Jimy Sohns, original lead singer of The Shadows of the Knight, started out with "Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'." Rockin!


"Honky Tonk Woman"


"Shake!" Then "G-L-O-R-I-A."


Paul Wood of The Cryan Shames.


Jim Pilster, Cryan Shames; Jimy Sohns; Dave Zane..




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