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The History of Rock and Roll Interviews Dennis Tufano, Don Dannemann and Jimmy Rosica, with Meagan Paese, January 10, 2022

Audio: Cragg Radio Interview
Tiffany and Terry Dufoe interview Dennis Tufano, July 3, 2021
Slidshow accompaniment version

Reminiscing with Gene DiNapoli
Gene interviews Dennis Tufano, June 7, 2021

The History of Rock and Roll interviews Dennis Tufano, Steve Boone and Artie Kornfeld, with Meagan Paese, May 24, 2021

State Theater New Jersey Interview with Dennis Tufano
March 2020

An Interview with Dennis Tufano, Starring in "Sounds of the 60's" at Resorts Atlantic City on May 20!
New Jersey Stage, May 7, 2017

Dennis Tufano Says NJ Concert Will Not Be a 'Drag'
John Solte, Hollywood Soapbox
April 28, 2017

Dennis Tufano: "Still Alive, Still Singing!"
Keith Valcourt, Washington Times
April 26, 2017


Dennis Tufano on Lou Simon's "Talk Talk" on Sirius XM
July 7, 2014

Dennis Tufano: I Remember Darin

Dennis Tufano on Planet Ludwig
July 1, 2014

Dennis Tufano on Marc Berman Live
June 28, 2014

Dennis Tufano First Official Chat
Facebook, April 21, 2014

Dennis Tufano interviewed by White's Bar News blogger Bo White. January 8, 2012

Dennis Tufano to Perform Along With Sonny Geraci on Saturday

by Deborah Carrothers, Record-Courier, July 30, 2009;
also TheGatewayNews on July 22, 2009

WMJI (Cleveland) kindly granted Tufanofans.com permission to post the Lanigan and Malone interview with Dennis Tufano and Sonny Geraci. You can also hear it on WMJI's site here (Look for the July 31 entry). Be sure to visit Lanigan and Malone's page! July 31, 2009

Excellent interview with Dennis Tufano by Bill Dahl from June 9, 2009 at a coffee shop on Southport in Chicago!

Chit Chat: The Original Voice of The Buckinghams Returns to Chicago for a Classic Rock Performance in Lisle
Catherine Davit's blog, July 1, 2009

Interview with Dennis Tufano
by Ben McLane, Esq., entertainment attorney, 1996



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